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Lighting & Temperature

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Simple Energy Management

For over 32 years, Lightstat has been providing reliable and robust energy saving environmental control solutions designed to accommodate any space.

  • Commercial & Industrial Buildings
  • Restaurants
  • Government Facilities
  • Multi-Site Retail Stores
  • Educational Institutions
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Energy Savings

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Server Software

Software Hosting

Lightstat provides EMS server software hosting. We will work with your IT Department to provide the best possible cost effective solution.

Technical Support Services

Technical Support

Lightstat's in-house technical support team is available to support any customer's needs from system design through post installation technical support. Lightstat technical support specialists are available by calling our office or contacting us by email at TechnicalSupport@lightstat.com

Maintenance Program

Maintenance Program

Lightstat's "statGUARD" Preventive Maintenance Program is designed to help keep your system up to date and working as designed. When purchased, Lightstat's Limited Lifetime Warranty is extended to all Lightstat products covered under the Preventive Maintenance Program.