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Looking For Programmable Control of Your Lighting?

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Automatic Lighting Controls

Lighting Control

A system as simple as it is sophisticated, Lightstat's Automatic Lighting Control lets your lights follow your operations! Reduce both lighting and air conditioning costs, improve security and safety, and meet energy code requirements.

Motion detectors and light level sensors provide continuous input to the control's microprocessor, so your lighting responds dynamically to changing conditions inside and outside the building. Lights required for safety, comfort, and visibility are brought on as needed while unnecessary lights remain off to conserve energy and money.

No Batteries, No Clocks, No Manuals, No Programming

Automatic Lighting Controls require no programming, no time clocks and no adjustments for holidays or daylight saving time. These systems automatically conform to store hours. The store employee has a single button to push at store opening and closing. The system does the rest, providing the right amount of light where and when it is needed. if the employee forgets to push the button at closing…no problem…the system takes care of this too! Thermostats can be integrated to automatically set temperatures back at the appropriate times for additional conservation. Enjoy no-hassle energy savings!!

The control's computerized logic module is customized at the factory to your specific application, ensuring a perfect fit to your business and building. Just wire it up and it's ready to go. It's inexpensive, easy to use, and virtually maintenance-free. Our control automatically takes care of your lighting so you can take care of your business.

Microprocessor based logic module is customized at the factory for your application. Plug-N-Play, ready to go, no programming needed...ever.

Color-coded low voltage cables are included to make installation fast and easy for your own local contractor.

Rugged, waterproof NEMA-12 cabinet is standard.

Cabinet status lights.

Bypass Twist Timers for service or emergency bypass.

Color-coded low voltage terminal strip for simple hookup.

DIN rail-mounted contactors rated at 30 Amps for ballasted and tungsten lighting loads.

Modular design for simple component replacement.

Lighting Control Inside