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Commercial Setback Thermostats

Commercial Thermostats

Lightstat's Light-Sensing Setback Thermostats save energy and protect your heating and cooling equipment automatically!

When lights are bright they operate like a normal thermostat within factory preset limits. Store employees can adjust the temperature settings only within the specified range, preventing waste of energy and damage to equipment.

When lights are dimmed after business hours, the thermostat automatically sets back heating and cooling, saving energy and money.

Just Install It and Forget It!

Light-sensing technology eliminates the need for entering and maintaining thermostat programs. These thermostats adapt to your business hours automatically to maximize conservation while never impeding the comfort of your customers and employees. There are no batteries to change, no clocks to set, and no manuals to read.

TME Thermostat

Lightstat model TME thermostat offers the latest in energy control technology. A bright backlit LCD digital display shows setpoint, current temperature, and system status at a glance. Patented Intelligent Light Sensing ignores sunlight to help ensure more energy savings. Optional remote temperature sensors can measure both space temperature and supply air temperature so you know your equipment is working. Sensors can be added or removed in the field and do not require shielded cable.

TMD Thermostat

Lightstat model TMD has been saving energy for our customers for over two decades and still provides a reliable option, particularly for retrofit installations lacking a common wire. A simple slide adjustment sets the temperature - but not beyond the internal fixed limits. A series of status lights provide information for troubleshooting. Models accepting remote temperature sensors are available.

Sensor Options

Remote Temperature Sensor

Remote Temperature Sensor

Allows more freedom to keep the thermostat away from high-traffic areas.

Optional extended base improves sensing accuracy.

Available with both TME and TMD model thermostats.

Remote Supply Air Sensor

Remote Supply Air Sensor

Mounts to supply air duct to monitor the temperature of the air coming into the room.

Available with TME model thermostats.