TG Light-Sensing Thermostats

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TG Light-Sensing Thermostats

Lifetime Warranty LogoPerfect for landlords, the Lightstat TG light-sensing thermostat prevents tenants from over-heating or over-cooling their apartments. Landlords save money because there is less wasted energy.

Simply replace your old thermostats with an easy wire-for-wire retrofit. This helps to eliminate evaporator icing, reduces equipment run time, and increases the life of your HVAC system.



Key Features

  • Light level sensors determine whether the space is occupied
  • Temperature limits cannot be overridden by tenants or staff
  • Heating/cooling "set-backs" during unoccupied times
  • Fahrenheit or Celsius readout with backlit display, +/- 1° Accuracy
  • Easy installation: Does not require a common wire, but can accept one
  • No clocks, no programming, no batteries, no maintenance
  • Better control of the environment and your energy costs

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  • Part Number Description
  • TG e-Auto thermostat for heat/cool control
  • TG H2 TGHR 2 - Wire SS Heat/2-Wire SS Heat Reverse Acting, Fail Open
  • TG C2 TGWB 3 - Wire SS Cool & Fan/3-Wire SS Heat, Power Open/ Close
  • TG HC 4 - Wire Single Stage Heat / Cool
  • TG HP 5 - Wire Heat Pump, Single Stage Heat/Cool with Reverse Valve Out
  • TG HW 3 - Wire Custom Stat for Whalen Interface
  • XR 120 H1 Step-Down XFMR/RELAY for 120V tp 24V SS Heat for TGH2
  • TG RI Circuit Board
  • TG WI Whalen Interface
  • INLINE-FUSE Includes 1.5 Amp Slow Blow BUSS Fuse
  • TACO-1KOHM-3W Kit


  • Multi-Family Housing
  • Financial and Government Facilities
  • Commercial / Industrial Buildings
  • Stockrooms and Mechanical Rooms

TG Light-Sensing Thermostats

Our products are proudly made in the USA to meet each customer's needs and realize savings for years to come.

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