Current Limiting Sub Panel

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TrackMiser Current Limiting Sub Panel

Lifetime Warranty LogoSpend only the watts you need for your track lighting, where and when you need them, with the TrackMiser from Lightstat.

Ensure compliance with your local energy codes, while reducing your lighting load calculation by limiting the amount of current that can pass through each circuit.

Energy codes typically have standard watt assignments per linear foot of installed track lighting. As lighting becomes more energy efficient, these codes calculate overstated wattages for the amount of lighting being used.

Customized for your application, the TrackMiser is integrated into lighting prints. The TrackMiser installs between your main breaker panel and your lighting control with no special programming required.



Key Features

  • Simple and reliable energy management
  • Reduce energy costs through current control
  • Limit the amount of current passing through each circuit
  • UL listed
  • Easy to implement, use and maintain

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  • Part Number Description
  • TMS-1TS TrackMiserĀ® Current Limiting Sub Panel
  • TM12-X Up to 12 Breakers
  • TM24-X Up to 24 Breakers
  • TM42-X Up to 42 Breakers


  • Retail Stores
  • Showrooms / Art Galleries
  • Restaurants

TrackMiser Current Limiting Sub Panel

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